St. John's Nottingham is developing three exciting new resources - Rich interactive multimedia timelines under the titles Faith and Modernity, New Testament Christian Origins (in partnership with the Bible Society) and Old Testament (Initial Prototype available)


Over a number of years The Revd. Dr Tim Hull has approached distinguished scholars to talk to camera on their area of expertise. 
We are very thankful that so many have graciously and generously agreed to this request. Originally these interviews were used purely to enhance teaching and learning for our college students or those doing distance learning with St John’s, but more recently we have been developing a project that put these interviews (and many more to come) into interactive timelines.

We are also very thankful to a number of organisations and educational trusts that are currently supporting the development of these timelines.

The scholars who have been interviewed over the years, many of which appear on these timelines, are: Tom Wright, Anthony Thiselton, Keith Ward, Karen Kilby, Richard Bauckham, Larry Hurtado, Loren Stuckenbruck, Stephen Travis, Richard Burridge, James Dunn, Ian Paul, Graham Stanton, Denis Alexander, Elizabeth Fisher, Rodney Holder, William Lane Craig, Ben Fulford, David Wilkinson, Bruce Winter, David Clough, David Fergusson, Richard Swinburne, John Hedley Brooke, Rachel Muers, Gavin D’Costa, Nick Spencer, Tom Greggs, Steven Shakespeare, David Cheetham, Andrew Shanks, Mike Higton, David Firth, Paul T Nimmo, Walter Moberly, Peter Harrison, Hugh Williamson , David Fergusson, Paula Gooder ,David Shepherd,Thomas Renz, Stephen Williams, Christopher Rowland, Clive Marsh, Christopher Insole, John Cottingham, Simon Oliver, Stephen Plant , Richard Briggs, George Pattison, David Ford, Thomas Renz, Russell Re Manning, Stephen Mulhall, Darren Sarisky, Sam Wells, douglas Hadley, Craig Evans, Ben Quash, David Hilborn, Janet Soskice, Marcus Pound, John Perry, Alec Ryrie and John Goldinggay.

This project continues to grow, in fact we are in the process of arranging interviews.


'I love what you are doing. I've not seen anything like it! Who is the creative genius behind this project?'

Tom Dykhuizen, Director of Media Arts, Los Ranchos Presbytery, Southern California (LRPtv)

'Brilliant - simply wonderful - thank you for posting this!'

YouTube feedback

'I find this a superb resource for teaching undergraduate and graduate students, and always encourage students to go here first. The timeline-project attracts leading experts on key thinkers and movements. These experts manage not only to provide a highly stimulating introduction to the topic, but often set out state-of-the-art research. The student is introduced to a thinker in the best possible way, by being taken directly to the heart of fundamental questions, by someone who has lived with the material for a long time. The visual backdrops are subtle and well-judged, enhancing the listener's engagement. There is nothing quite like it available anywhere else, and it gets more comprehensive in its range week by week'

Christopher J. Insole, University of Durham